Friday, August 28, 2009

Let's Go!

As always housekeeping first. I think I do this in my blog posts to keep my mental check list - checked off. I am celebrating the ninth month of my little photography business and each week I take a few more steps in developing and growing both my photographic ability and my business processes. Each week I make it my goal to take on something new like finding out how to watermark or how to make my pictures bigger. This week I decided to create a "fan page" on facebook. I do love facebook by the way.
It feels mildly awkward to me to have "fans". It's not like I am some big famous photographer or anything. But I thought it would be nice to have somewhere that people who enjoy looking at my pictures could gather and be another part of my journey. There I can post sneek peek pictures and showcase upcoming plans (like Christmas cards!). So, you can now officially find ONE FOR THE WALL photography on facebook!! Now don't ask me to link you there from here because...well...I don't know how to do that yet. Baby steps everyone (refer to old posts to hear me vent about all things technical). I will have to either conference call, Amanda, in Listowel or message my virtual friend, Brian, from the US (a fellow photog friend from facebook of course). They will both know how to do that one. Perhaps that will be my goal for next week! But in the meantime, you can type the business name in and it will come up. Feel free to join!!

On to this week's post. The rain and cold are playing games with my shoots these days! This shoot was scheduled for 6 pm on a day that was all over the map with rain, sun and wind. The call was made approx. 5 pm that it was off. The rain was coming down in droves and we both thought that was it. Well, 5:59 came around and so did the sun. I frantically reached for my blackberry and messaged my friend to see if her girls had rubber boots for the cute outfits she had dressed them in earlier. Within 10 minutes we met in my driveway and it became a shoot about puddles and rainboots! The lighting was incredible and the humidity that hung around the air did wonders for the curls on these two beauties (not so much on mine though). I am so glad we made the "Let's Go" call for this shoot. You are very special people and I felt privledged to take your pictures! Their mom is probably - I mean - IS the most organized person I have ever met and after the shoot wrapped up said "my christmas cards are done". Looking forward to seeing these on your cards this year!


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  1. These are beautiful Hilary, I especially love the hand holding one :)

    To link to your facebook page, enter this html:

    [a href=""]One For The Wall Facebook Page[/a]

    (change the square brackets to triangle brackets and enter the link to your page between the "")

    Hope that helps! :)