Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some of their favourite things!

What fun I had photographing this family! Jen and I met in grade six if you can believe it?!! I had a fantastic night with this bunch.  At this age the kids all clearly had things they loved to do and wanted photos of those things; a dirt bike, a pair of skates and a little puppy!!  
I have not been to Palmerston in years but quite enjoyed my ride through the countryside on a beautiful spring evening. Thanks for the laughs everyone!!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Got a little carried away...

What a fantastic night! I am simply in love with shooting in the evening hours of the spring. The light is angelic and everything is so fresh!!!  I had the absolute pleasure of photographing another very sweet and dear friends' (yes one of the wives of Laurelwood) breathtaking little ladies.  Affectionately known to us as "Kingy"she has been an avid follower of my blog ever since I launched it a few months ago. I have looked forward to writing about her for quite some time now.  Kingy e-mails me every week giving me the nudge for another blog post and quite often she has been my inspiration to get going on the next one. I knew there was atleast one person waiting to read what I had written - I could not disappoint her!! So, it gave me great pleasure to spend the evening with her and her girls. The night could not have been more perfect! 
Kingy- I appreciate all of your sincere and kind e-mails. I appreciate that you love this blog! And I appreciate you letting me photograph your beauties AND that you watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette religiously and read the message boards with me (ever since I got you hooked!!).  
Also.....thanks to Ang for coming along to show me how to "spot meter" and to show me how to try that one will be a work in progress!! Ang snapped a couple photos of me in "action".