Monday, June 29, 2009

First Assistant Job of the Season!

By now my loyal blog readers know how much I love Christine of CLICK photography. Just to refresh...I met her at a course she taught at the end of November. I e-mailed her promptly after the course to ask if I could possibly be one of her wedding assistants.  I then took another private workshop with Christine in March and I am very proud to say that I am her assistant at 6 of her many weddings this year! I could not be any more thrilled or humbled by this opportunity. 
Christine is not just an incredibly gifted photographer. She is kind, she is helpful and she is giving. She has an ease with her clients that is comforting and you can tell how much they love her and her incredible work.  Oh and did I mention how much fun she is?! We do have a super time together. I am learning so much and she is very complimentary and supportive. It means a whole lot to me.
I didn't realize how nervous I was about my first big assisting gig until 1 am on Friday night - 13 hours shy of our meeting time.  But my bladder certainly did.  Let me tell you this (I will spare the details) I had to call Christine to tell her how worried I was that I wouldn't make it through more than a half hour without having to use the washroom!! How embarassing!! Typical Chris- calm and cool...tracing out our steps for the day and mapping out all of the "CANS" for the day. Magically, I made it through 10 hours with only 3 pit stops.  There is always a story behind everything isn't there?
I was able to hold the bride's make up, tote around a ladder and equipment, fluff the dress a couple of times, hand over a battery and memory cards and most importantly...account for the car keys at all times.  What an amazing experience. I loved every minute of it!  
I took some pictures at the wedding and had the most fun photographing Christine at work. I am looking forward to my assisting duties this summer and learning from the best!


Proud as Punch AGAIN!

Once more...I get to show off my beautiful family!  It's one thing when friends or referrals call for a booking. It's another when your own family calls to book a shoot! I am flattered that so many of my cousins have booked me for their families.  More to come over the next 2 months!

A couple of things to note about this shoot. YES - my little cousins get along this well. They absolutely adore each other. No need to coax these two to play, giggle and kiss.  It was quite amazing to watch and photograph.  

Secondly, I just about landed in the river on this shoot. I got a bit too close and one of my legs went straight down a wall (not in a direction I have the flexibility for - that's for sure). 
Needless to say my camera was held high in the air, my pants were smeared with some strange goopy substance and my groin muscle was sore for days.  But it was all worth it and made for some good laughs!!  LOVE TO YOU ALL and thanks for a fantastic morning!
ps- I can just hear my Aunt Heather crying at her computer now. Thanks for all of your support and kind words. xo


Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer begins!

It certainly has been some time since I posted. Let me tell you what I have been up to. Rewind to the beginning of my blog in March when I said I wanted to document the highs and lows of starting a photography business with everyone. I have to say there have been some bumps and the learning curve I liken to walking up the side of a skyscraper.  And for all of those times there have been many more positive experiences.  
This week, however, I have to say was the roughest so far. For those that have been reading my blog - you know that the "editing" or "post processing" of my photos has been my biggest challenge.  I have never been the most technical or computer savvy person.  I just love people and love to take pictures. Simple. But it's not that simple in the age of digital. I had days this week that I truly thought if I had known I needed to be a graphic designer to be a photographer than I would have chosen a different path. Would I have? Hmmmm...depends on the day you ask me. But I can't shake the passion I have for photography and the wonderful people I have had the pleasure to work with. So, for now I must plough forward and continue to learn all I can about the "back end" of photography.  I am sure in a couple of years it will all come much easier. 
So back to reason for the delay in posting....30 hours of trying to figure how to watermark out of Lightroom. I chatted with all kinds of nice folks across the world (that is no exageration) about how to make this work.  On the not so good side - I wasted an entire week and gave $20 over to a software company for a bogus program.  On the bright side of things I met some truly wonderful photographers through some children's photography groups that helped me immensely. watermarking. But I am working on it): 
Oh and a watermark imprint of a logo on your picture so that people can't "steal" your work.  I couldn't wait any longer to post so I pray no one steals my pictures until I can figure this out.

Now onto the blog post this week. What happens when your children's friends come over to play for the afternoon in the backyard??!!! Mommy, the aspiring photographer, throws a camera around her neck and has a photoshoot! These two beauties have been friends with our girls pretty much since the first two were babies.  They are getting used to Claire and Kate's mommy with her camera.  And they are actually starting to really enjoy it!!  Hopefully you enjoy them too.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Introducing....Storyboards for One for the Wall photography!

I am so excited to be introducing a storyboard offering to One for the Wall photography clients!! My friend and neighbour, Angela Smith, (who is a very talented photographer and designer) will be doing the design work for me.  For now, I am focusing on developing my photography skills and editing.  Once I get my sea legs with this I will be ready for learning more of the neat things I can do with photographs in programs like photoshop.  As far as I have come in the last 8 months with my skills - I have a LONG way to go! One step at a time....