Sunday, November 15, 2009

More minis!

Hello to everyone!
These two little girls had to be two of the "giggliest" little girls I have ever shot. They would not stop smiling and playing with one another. What pure JOY to photograph! In order to get one shot of the most perfect smiles I did need to bribe them with a quarter. Yes - that's right - I have brought money into the equation on some occasions. But it worked like a charm! And the girls were thrilled to get their quarter at the end. And a trip to McDonald's with Mom. There are some serious perks to having your pictures taken with me!

Christmas Mini's Begin!

Hello to everyone!
I have been so excited to start blogging my Christmas mini sessions! They started back in September and have been hugely successful.
This group of three was so much fun and their little puppy was adorable. He loved the camera just as much as the kiddies...well after I warmed the boys up of course!

Enjoy the mini sessions to come! Off to spend the evening editing....and eating.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Family!

Hello to everyone!
Today is November the 14th. A momentous in my life. A year ago today I left my job as Territory Manager for Labatt Breweries after eight and a half years. I have a long note in the works (surprise) that will look back over the last year. I will post that in early December once I get some time to finish it. It was a big decision to make a life change into the unknown but it was by far the right thing for our family. So when I dress in jeans and my rubber boots to go to "work" - it is a far cry from my polyester black pant and high heeled boot days. I loved my time in the world of "pop" sales - as my girls would say but I have truly found my life's passion. Photographing children.

So, this is another branch to this wonderful family! Little did I know during the shoot but Mom is pregnant! How excited was I to hear that? Another little one to photograph in a few short months! This little girl is as sweet as she looks in these photos. She could not have looked cuter in her GAP dress and little knitted hat. Thanks again to you for having me out and I look forward to the arrival of baby number 2!
After the shoot the ladies and I sat around the kitchen and chatted about photography and I secretly drooled over the smell of dinner cooking in on the stove. BUT...I was sent away with brownies!! I CANNOT believe I forgot this part of the day - two of the brownies didn't make it past the first concession (lol) and the rest were sniffed out by my girls. That was a first for me! Thanks Mom C!

I am off to assist Christine Kufske of CLICK photography on this beautiful November day. This will be the sixth wedding I have assisted and her last wedding for the 2009 season!! So much to celebrate today!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cheers to one fun afternoon!

Hello to everyone!
I find early morning blogging much more satisfying and easier on the stomach and behind. No cravings for ketchup chips at 6:15 am!
I am officially two weeks out from my last fall photosession. November has been a like a surprise birthday present. The temperatures have been beautiful and rain hasn't been an issue. Thank you Mama Nature! Christmas card and print orders are in full swing so it's been a very busy week but I could not sit on the post any longer and the timing is perfect for this one.

I want to make the day of this beautiful Mom and her family. Not only is she incredibly fun and kind but she is likely one of my biggest supporters. I appreciate her very much and want to say that I am thrilled to know you are feeling better. Mom has been very ill the last week with H1N1 and pneumonia. It's been a long haul for her and her family to get each other through. All of the family has been sick to some degree and between she and her incredible husband working around the clock - they are all on the mend. I know you started your Christmas decorating yesterday! The challenges of the last few weeks will be behind you in no time! I am so happy to know you are all well again.

Where do I start with this post as you are likely wondering why those handsome men with the beer in hand are on the blog! This was one of 3 shoots I had one Sunday afternoon in September. I was a rain dodger that day - literally pulling up in rain and within minutes it would stop and we could shoot. These shoots were also in the "rural" parts of Southwestern Ontario. They are not that rural but rural enough for me. Townlines, concessions...ahhhhh!!! Where are the house numbers?!!!! I love to shoot on people's farms. The pride and history is enormous on these family farms and the opportunities for different backgrounds are endless. This was a family affair as I also photographed some of the extended family (that post to come in a couple of days). We all moved around the property in a big group. The ATV's came out, the dog roamed around and many laughs were had. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me out to photograph your family and little ones. SOOOOO...cheers to the handsome Dad's...and Grandpa - you are one sweet man!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello to everyone!
I am feeling much better (after a second small bout of that nasty bug) and so does my computer! Funny how both myself and my computer were under the weather last week. My MAC has a whole terrabite (sp?!) of space. Fancy name for a lot more memory to store your family images! No real housekeeping this week - except might I say that this momentary spike in temperatures reminds me of September!! Who knew when my clients booked their November shoots that we would have lucked out with such incredible weather! Hoping for one more week of this to take me to the end of my fall family season.

The glorious weather at this shoot (still working on September blogging) reminded me of weather like today. Warm and sunny. Sigh. I actually thought this shoot might have to be rescheduled due to rain but the sun came out just as we were arriving to our location. Mom said - "let's get this done!" It's a good thing we didn't miss this opportunity. As a photographer there are so many things I see differently about the season changes. I am not only a temperature watcher but I also pay closer attention to light and nature. I do love the flowers that come with fall. This beautiful little girl loved her time in the flowers. These images are some of my favourites from this fall. I also love it when families tell me about activities they like to do as a family and "swinging" their little girl is one of them. I am sure that this time next year her little brother will enjoy the very same ride!
Thanks to you all for a wonderful photosession!

ps- Big thanks goes out my friend, Silvia, who came to assist with me at this shoot. Silvia has a passion for photography and reminds me a lot of myself a year ago at the beginning of my journey. She is wonderful with children and has "the eye" as they say. I know she will be very successful in her photography career! I am looking forward to sharing her work with all of you in the years to come. I, personally, am forever grateful to two very talented and incredibly giving photographers (more on them later) for helping me along the way and I feel blessed to share what I have learned to other aspiring photographers. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. Can't wait to celebrate my one year anniversary in a couple of weeks and to look back on the last 12 months. Oh that will be a long post! Get out the kleenex!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Still working on September!

Hello to everyone!
I could not be any happier to be sharing my fall shoots on the blog. Is it possible these beautiful September days are already behind us? It's hard to believe that in 4 short weeks I will have my 2009 fall season wrapped up. It feels like it just begun.

Housekeeping! I am much better this week (that was a rough flu bug). However, my mental state is questionable. For those of you that read my ramblings...know that all things "technical" are not my thing. So why is it that it's always my equipment that has all the problems? I am preparing this evening to part with my MAC for 48 hours to fix the "software issues". I have cleared as much work as I can to make way for a two day hiatus. It's probably not the worst thing as it forces me to hit the sheets before 10 at night.

Two other small's not too late for Christmas card orders. Please look through the cards under the September heading and you can e-mail me for information on ordering. I cannot wait to share the cards! My very dear friend and designer, Angela, has been doing an incredible job showcasing my photographs on everyone's Christmas cards. Thank you!

And don't forget the Clickin' Mom's contest!! There is still time to send me a little note as to whom you would like to give thanks for helping you get to a goal or dream of yours. I will choose the winner at the end of the month.

It is my hope that my families know how sincere I am when I make kind comments about them on the blog. I am blessed to have such a wonderful and kind clientele. This shoot was also at the University of Guelph back in mid September. This family was beautiful. This family was loving. This family adores pictures so it makes me love them even more! Thank you so much for a fun couple of hours together in the warm September sun. Enjoy and stay well everyone!