Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Family!

Hello to everyone!
Today is November the 14th. A momentous in my life. A year ago today I left my job as Territory Manager for Labatt Breweries after eight and a half years. I have a long note in the works (surprise) that will look back over the last year. I will post that in early December once I get some time to finish it. It was a big decision to make a life change into the unknown but it was by far the right thing for our family. So when I dress in jeans and my rubber boots to go to "work" - it is a far cry from my polyester black pant and high heeled boot days. I loved my time in the world of "pop" sales - as my girls would say but I have truly found my life's passion. Photographing children.

So, this is another branch to this wonderful family! Little did I know during the shoot but Mom is pregnant! How excited was I to hear that? Another little one to photograph in a few short months! This little girl is as sweet as she looks in these photos. She could not have looked cuter in her GAP dress and little knitted hat. Thanks again to you for having me out and I look forward to the arrival of baby number 2!
After the shoot the ladies and I sat around the kitchen and chatted about photography and I secretly drooled over the smell of dinner cooking in on the stove. BUT...I was sent away with brownies!! I CANNOT believe I forgot this part of the day - two of the brownies didn't make it past the first concession (lol) and the rest were sniffed out by my girls. That was a first for me! Thanks Mom C!

I am off to assist Christine Kufske of CLICK photography on this beautiful November day. This will be the sixth wedding I have assisted and her last wedding for the 2009 season!! So much to celebrate today!

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