Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cheers to one fun afternoon!

Hello to everyone!
I find early morning blogging much more satisfying and easier on the stomach and behind. No cravings for ketchup chips at 6:15 am!
I am officially two weeks out from my last fall photosession. November has been a like a surprise birthday present. The temperatures have been beautiful and rain hasn't been an issue. Thank you Mama Nature! Christmas card and print orders are in full swing so it's been a very busy week but I could not sit on the post any longer and the timing is perfect for this one.

I want to make the day of this beautiful Mom and her family. Not only is she incredibly fun and kind but she is likely one of my biggest supporters. I appreciate her very much and want to say that I am thrilled to know you are feeling better. Mom has been very ill the last week with H1N1 and pneumonia. It's been a long haul for her and her family to get each other through. All of the family has been sick to some degree and between she and her incredible husband working around the clock - they are all on the mend. I know you started your Christmas decorating yesterday! The challenges of the last few weeks will be behind you in no time! I am so happy to know you are all well again.

Where do I start with this post as you are likely wondering why those handsome men with the beer in hand are on the blog! This was one of 3 shoots I had one Sunday afternoon in September. I was a rain dodger that day - literally pulling up in rain and within minutes it would stop and we could shoot. These shoots were also in the "rural" parts of Southwestern Ontario. They are not that rural but rural enough for me. Townlines, concessions...ahhhhh!!! Where are the house numbers?!!!! I love to shoot on people's farms. The pride and history is enormous on these family farms and the opportunities for different backgrounds are endless. This was a family affair as I also photographed some of the extended family (that post to come in a couple of days). We all moved around the property in a big group. The ATV's came out, the dog roamed around and many laughs were had. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me out to photograph your family and little ones. SOOOOO...cheers to the handsome Dad's...and Grandpa - you are one sweet man!

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