Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holy Toledo!

You can all just imagine what I thought when this stunning family pulled up in a shiny blue '69 Chevelle...WOWZERS!!!! I had spoken in a previous blog post about my style and a family's vibe in pictures. Here is another great example about a family bringing their own personality to the shoot and in this case their 4th family member...the coveted car.
We shot for over 2 hours frolicking in the flowers and walking down gravel paths.  But I would say the most challenging and nerve wracking part of the shoot was photographing the car.  Dad had a vision in his head of how this "baby" was to look in it's pictures. I sure hope I did it justice!!  By the end I had him placing me in the exact angle to which the car looked best for the shot. What a HOOT!!! 
We all had a fantastic time. A most memorable shoot.  



I am thrilled to announce that my cousin and his wife had a baby boy last week!! Mr. Peyton Alexander made a smooth and speedy entrance 10 days early. I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the whole family 5 days after his arrival.  We had a very relaxing and fun afternoon with the usual diaper changes and feedings.  There were many laughs and it was nice to see this beautiful family welcoming their baby boy into their lives.  And if you scroll down the blog you will see the belly shots from three short weeks ago!


Summer Sunday

A sunny Sunday in July. What is that you say?! One of the rare days this summer when we could all be outside minus a sweater. Our adorable neice and nephew...both quite curious about their aunt who now is a photographer. Doesn't get better than this at their age...hanging with your cousins, playing in the backyard and climbing a tree.
Love to you both!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Take two!

Welcome back to this beautiful and sweet family!! I absolutely LOVE these little ones - it's easy to see why. I had a photoshoot with this fam a few months back. The oldest (little) one called me "Henry" the whole time.  I thought this was hilarious and will never forget it! She has my name correct now and has a real love for the camera both in front and behind. Perhaps she will be a photographer someday?!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Picture Perfect!

When I first set eyes upon this family at the door all I could think was WOW and instant excitement set in! This beautiful family was great to work with. I have learned by now that atleast one of the children at every shoot will have a "moment" but in the end the photos will look like they loved every minute of it!!

I am simply amazed at everything I am learning about being in a family photography business. I am not talking about the buttons on the camera...but about the people I photograph.  Each family is so unique. Each family brings their own style and vibe. Photographers, in their forums talk endlessly about their "style" of photography. Somedays I think I see mine emerging.  But sometimes it really is about the family's style and not so much mine.  It should be obvious by now that though that I am a sucker for a really tight close up.  Those eyes, that skin, those lashes those cute button noses!! 

Of course I love photography and I love to take photos of people. But what I have discovered is that my business really is people. I just happen to have a camera in my hand to watch them through.