Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holy Toledo!

You can all just imagine what I thought when this stunning family pulled up in a shiny blue '69 Chevelle...WOWZERS!!!! I had spoken in a previous blog post about my style and a family's vibe in pictures. Here is another great example about a family bringing their own personality to the shoot and in this case their 4th family member...the coveted car.
We shot for over 2 hours frolicking in the flowers and walking down gravel paths.  But I would say the most challenging and nerve wracking part of the shoot was photographing the car.  Dad had a vision in his head of how this "baby" was to look in it's pictures. I sure hope I did it justice!!  By the end I had him placing me in the exact angle to which the car looked best for the shot. What a HOOT!!! 
We all had a fantastic time. A most memorable shoot.  


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  1. Oh my goodness, Hilary, I LOVE this location! It's like the place I imagine in my mind for our family photos, but can't find! Gorgeous!