Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Picture Perfect!

When I first set eyes upon this family at the door all I could think was WOW and instant excitement set in! This beautiful family was great to work with. I have learned by now that atleast one of the children at every shoot will have a "moment" but in the end the photos will look like they loved every minute of it!!

I am simply amazed at everything I am learning about being in a family photography business. I am not talking about the buttons on the camera...but about the people I photograph.  Each family is so unique. Each family brings their own style and vibe. Photographers, in their forums talk endlessly about their "style" of photography. Somedays I think I see mine emerging.  But sometimes it really is about the family's style and not so much mine.  It should be obvious by now that though that I am a sucker for a really tight close up.  Those eyes, that skin, those lashes those cute button noses!! 

Of course I love photography and I love to take photos of people. But what I have discovered is that my business really is people. I just happen to have a camera in my hand to watch them through. 


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  1. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Im speech less:)
    You guys are picture perfect!

    Love you all.