Friday, June 5, 2009

Miss L and her most ambitious and fun Mommy!

I could hardly stand the wait to blog this photoshoot! My fingers couldn't move fast enough uploading them too.
What a glorious May morning this was. We caught some beautiful light and the perfect temperature (quite a feat these days!).  A little Father's Day present this will be and how great will these look on the desk in the office?! I am certain that if it weren't for the fact we had a task at hand getting the photos taken - Tonia and I would surely have talked for the entire day! She is an incredibly ambitious, successful and genuine mother and business woman ( you can read about her business below). 
Thanks for an uplifting morning Tonia and Miss L!  And that little CUTE!!!



  1. Look at those eyes! And I love the rocking horse as well. Great set all round!

  2. So cute!
    So, Hilary, I found your blog through Amanda's blog, & wanted to announce the fact that I'll be following it, & just say "I'm here", so that when I comment, I don't appear to be a random, unknown blogstalker! :)