Monday, June 29, 2009

Proud as Punch AGAIN!

Once more...I get to show off my beautiful family!  It's one thing when friends or referrals call for a booking. It's another when your own family calls to book a shoot! I am flattered that so many of my cousins have booked me for their families.  More to come over the next 2 months!

A couple of things to note about this shoot. YES - my little cousins get along this well. They absolutely adore each other. No need to coax these two to play, giggle and kiss.  It was quite amazing to watch and photograph.  

Secondly, I just about landed in the river on this shoot. I got a bit too close and one of my legs went straight down a wall (not in a direction I have the flexibility for - that's for sure). 
Needless to say my camera was held high in the air, my pants were smeared with some strange goopy substance and my groin muscle was sore for days.  But it was all worth it and made for some good laughs!!  LOVE TO YOU ALL and thanks for a fantastic morning!
ps- I can just hear my Aunt Heather crying at her computer now. Thanks for all of your support and kind words. xo


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