Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pay it forward!

I have to say that photographers' are a great bunch of people. I have been blessed to have met so many kind, helpful and very creative people at all stages in their photography careers.  I am eternally grateful for one such photographer, Amanda, from Living Proof Photography. I have learned that there are six degrees of separation between people and one degree between photographers. 
A friend of mine had forwarded me Amanda's blog a couple of months ago to look at. Her style of photographing is natural and beautiful and WOW can Amanda write!!!!!  I also saw that Amanda wrote about Lightroom, which was the editing program I had just purchased and knew nothing about. We chatted through e-mail for a couple of weeks and then I asked if she would be available to walk me through the program (by now you are all probably getting that editing is my arch nemisis).  And graciously Amanda said sure! Well, today Amanda came to visit and showed me the ropes in Lightroom. I can now remove a pimple people!!! Needless to say I have had a much better night editing my photos thanks to Amanda. Please check out her blog at Living Proof Photography.  
Along the way we discovered that "chatting" too much and a disdain for cooking is what we had in common outside of a passion for photography. These two things alone can hold a friendship together for life.

Much love and appreciation,


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