Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh those cute little hats!

A huge thanks this week goes to my step mom, Elaine. All of the super cute baby hats and blankets you see in the photos I have taken have been so graciously crocheted by her.  A few months back I arrived on her doorstep with a bag full of yarn and a desperate plea for her help. Being "crafty" ranks high up there with my technical ability! Elaine, has always had a great talent for all things "crafty" and over the years have needed her assistance on numerous occasions to paint, build, sew and crochete. I am not exaggerating. I have had her do all of these things.  Thanks Elaine for all of your help with the baby hats and blankets. They will be enjoyed by many little ones in the coming years!

And to my dad. Dad. Since informing him that I was on a hunt for picture props....he has been too. A few weeks ago I called Elaine on a Friday night to see if she could crochet me a couple of new born girl's hats for a shoot on the following Monday. She whipped them up in one night and drove them to our house the following day! Dad brought me some hats that he had found for me to use as well.  He calls them "character hats".  Thanks for the donation Dad...I certainly found a couple of "characters" for them!!


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