Monday, May 4, 2009


I have had a little run on babies the past couple of weeks. I love working with these precious little new people! Cameron was 3 weeks at the time of these photos and slept (as you can see) for most of the session.  He took a break for one feeding, a diaper change and a couple of yawns.  Occasionally, he would open one eye. Probably just to see if the crazy ladies (the one with the camera and her assistant with the big metallic circle) were still standing over him.  I am happy to say that Cameron peed on himself and not me!! Now I have heard stories of the risks involved in changing a newborn boy...something you just don't have with girls (or atleast I didn't).  Interesting experience.  Thanks for a relaxing afternoon behind the camera watching you dose and dream....


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  1. These are beautiful, Hilary!! I am so jealous of all your baby photos. I've never had a baby shoot :(

    I love all of these!