Friday, May 15, 2009

"Cakes by Keesha"!

As I was thinking about this weeks' thank you I thought of a new "feature" to add to my blog. Seeing as the traffic is picking up on ONE FOR THE WALL....(and LOVING IT!) I would really like to highlight other up and coming businesses born out of other people's great talent! 

First up...."Cakes by Keesha". Well, that's what I think she should call it. I am sure Keesha is having a good chuckle right now as she reads this seeing as I came up with this in her kitchen when I picked up Claire's birthday cake (creative I know).  So, for now that is what we will call her budding cake making business.  A snapshot of a Hannah Montana cake caught my eye on her facebook. A quick message to her and I had my order placed.  Not only was the cake delicious....but looked amazing too!! The girls at Claire's party all giggled around the cake and each wanted a star on their plate. BIG HIT.
Keesha is looking to grow her experience by making a wedding cake this summer. She is offering to make a cake for cost to a couple getting hitched this summer. Please message me at if you are interested. 

Thanks for a fantastic cake Keesha (such great illiteration - COOL!) and I am looking forward to photographing more of your creations...including those little kiddies of yours!

If you or someone you know has started a new and creative business venture in the last 12 months please message me and I will come out to take pictures and will highlight the business on my blog.


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