Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is Shelby!

For all of you dog lovers out there (this includes me!) Shelby. A 13 year old golden retriever. 
This shoot was all about Shelby. We spent the better part of a beautiful summer evening playing with her and loving her up! Shelby was perfect! She is loved to bits by her Mom, Dad and siblings.  Shelby is getting up there in years and her family thought it would be nice to have pictures of her for their home.
This was my first "pet" shoot and I will tell you it was just like directing a little toddler complete with "bribe" food and toys. Thank goodness for Dad though - I could not have done this without him. He was most definetely the master behind me. Wherever he went - Shelby's eyes followed.  Shelby's favourite hobbies include playing with balls, chewing on a brand new bone and napping in a sunny spot.
By the end of the night we had tuckered Shelby out. She is a beautiful dog with an incredible temperment.  One lucky family they are.


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