Monday, August 17, 2009

So in love!

All ready to blog. It's late, everyone is in bed, I have caught up with all my late night peeps on messenger and I have my blog food of choice beside me. White chocolate covered pretzels. Usually I go for the salt (ketchup chips to be exact) but I thought I would change it up tonight. All set.
So just want to address my horse noise antics. I stopped by my friend, Jen's tonight. She had been away on holidays and said that she spent a better part of today getting caught up on my blog. Giggling, she asked to hear my horse noise. And to my dismay she said I sounded like a donkey!!! But she was right. You would think that I would know the difference with two young children and a few years of Kindermusik under my belt.  Geesh.

Drum roll please....look at this stunning and precious baby girl!!! I have been friends with her mom and dad for a number of years.  We had a gorgeous morning with just the right amount of sun and cloud. I could not have been more excited to spend the morning photographing this family and their baby girl.  All I could think of was how utterly in love they are with this little beauty.  The love they have for her overwhelmed me.  She is one lucky little one to have been born into this kind and wonderful household.  

Congrats on Miss K! I look forward to watching her grow before the lense!


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