Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Laugh out Loud!

Where do I begin to write about this family? Sigh. 
They smile. They laugh. They hug. They tease. They love. And they laugh some more. 
This family was simply a joy to be around and to photograph. And I couldn't stop telling them that! 
This is why I love my new path into photography. The people. 
Oh and check out the pink heels and newly painted toes for the shoot!! This fam came prepared!! And speaking of coming prepared. They brought SMARTIES for the "bribe" food for their little guy.  Well, he wanted those five minutes into the shoot. So, you will see him with the box in his hand and sneaking one into his mouth. What I loved most though was that Mom and Dad didn't care about the box in the picture, him eating in the picture or the chocolate on his face. "That's him right now".  How wonderful?!

Thanks for an evening of laughs and a reminder of what family is really about.


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  1. This is an absolutely fabulous shoot! If I had photos like this of my family, they would be on my wall for years if not forever! Great job, Hilary!!