Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let's Dance!

Housekeeping first...oh the joys of learning all of this "technical" garbly goop that goes along with being a photographer and having a blog. I messaged my photographer friend, Amanda, to ask her how to get my pictures "bigger" on blogspot. She, being quite technical, e-mailed me back a fantastic explanation on how to do this. Easy...just edit the html!! Well, of course!! Here it is approaching 11 pm (my chips are all gone)  and I am just writing this post now because I have spent all evening attempting to "edit html".  And as you can change on the pics. Over the course of the evening I changed everything but those picture sizes. Expect another message Amanda!! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?!!!

This cutie patootee looooooooooves to DANCE!!! And is she ever good. She is quite a decorated jazz, ballet and tap performer. And did we have fun together! She is incredibly animated and cooperative (you would have to be to succumb to some of my strange requests/locations during a photoshoot - famous last words "trust me" it's going to look great).  I just love to photograph my young clients doing what they love to do.  I was priviledged to get a personal tap show from this talented young lady too! 
And how did I get her to laugh you ask? What on earth did I have to be doing to get those incredible laughing shots? Well - let me tell you. My other close photographer friend, Ang, just returned from a photography workshop in Atlanta last week. She got a great tip (well it's only great depending on what lengths you will go to for a laugh) to make a noise like a horse. I mean a loud, high pitched horse.  So, I tried it. And it worked. If I can ever figure out how to attach a voice recording on this darn blog I will record myself. Or you can just book me for a shoot and hear for yourself. Thanks for the tip Ang! 



  1. Fantastic approach! Great blog and pictures!

  2. Great pictures, Hilary!
    Love the one of her feet!

    I can come show you the blogger stuff if you want. It's probably easier with a visual. :)

  3. Love it!! Can't wait to hear that horse squeal for myself!!!