Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to handsome Mr. C!!!
Doesn't everyone love the story behind the story? Well, I do. I love to tell the neat little "behind the scenes" things from shoots. There is just about always some sort of story! So...this gorgeous Mom is good friends' with one of my longest standing and closest highschool friends'. They used to be neighbours actually. Then a move took them to Texas. We met Mr. C and his mom and dad at a party for my highschool friends' hubby's 40th party a few months back. Theeeeeeeen...my hubbie meets Mr. C and his Mom in a US airport while travelling. Low and behold he starts chatting about my photography and tells her she should check out my blog. So she did and she books Mr. C's 1st birthday pics with me on a trip home from Texas.
Fast forward to the weekend...and Mr. C is sick! Now you certainly wouldn't know it by these pics except for the adorable little one at the end where he is sitting up holding "MONK". By then he was not having anymore of our antics. Thanks so much to Mr. C's Auntie for helping out behind the camera!! Happy 1st Birthday little guy! Can't wait to photograph the whole family when you are back in town for a visit!!
So...do you have to read my post 3 times to get "the story behind the story"?!?! I did.


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