Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bigger is Better.

Well in this case it is!! A loud shout out to, Amanda, from Living Proof photography this blog post. Thanks to her incredible intellect when it comes to all things technical - I have advanced my little blog further down the road. A 7:30 am conference call between Listowel and Waterloo resulted in me singing her praises ever since. She is forever my html hero. I can't promise you Amanda that I won't ping you with a "help" what does that code error mean?!!!! I hope that everyone will enjoy the bigger photos.

The dog days of summer. I love that saying. It reminds me of all things August; corn (from Herrle's of course), tomatoes and humid evenings that don't require blankets to sleep. I refused to let my husband turn on the air conditioner through the recent hot spell. I suffered enough through a long winter of illnesses and waited far too long for summer to finally arrive. So gosh darnit - I was going to sweat. And I did. And it felt great.

Mom (who has to be one of the nicest women I have ever met) had warned me that a not so great studio photography experience had kind of left the kiddies traumatized. They were afraid I would stand them up in front of me to say "cheese" all night. Ten minutes into the shoot the kids and I shared a high five after a rip around a little red tractor and a jump on the trampoline. Oh and I had the youngest one at "stinker pants". The remainder of the evening the kiddies toured me around their beautiful farm. By the end of the night - they could not get enough of the camera. I think it's safe to say they have been transformed and I sincerely look forward to photographing these beautiful and extremely fun little ones again. If you can believe it the oldest two are twins!! And I musn't forget the dogs. The pictures would not have been complete without them. A handful of treats had them at our feet all night!
Thanks so much for a wonderful evening of laughs during the dog days of summer. And we don't have to tell anyone what really got you all laughing - and no it was not my donkey noises.


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