Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A to Z

Hello to all!
Housekeeping...a couple of things. Fall portrait sittings are in FULL SWING and cross your fingers...the weather has been cooperating. I have 7 shoots this weekend so it had better hold out. And by the way...blogging and eating blueberries is just not the same as ketchup chips. But I really don't want to fit into that Santa suit by Christmas. I promise to try to keep up with the blogging but it is getting incredibly busy. I might have to sacrifice some of the writing to deliver the pics. But knowing me..that won't happen. Brevity is not my strength.

My early blog readers will know that I used to include a weekly thank you to someone for helping me out along the way in my business. I haven't said thanks in awhile and I thought tonight would be a good time to say it again. I still get support or inspiration every week in some form from someone. I have thanked my dear friend, photog pal, designer and neighbour, Ang, before. But I need to give her another shout out tonight. She showed me the way with creating folders this week, taught me how to make a "duplicate" copy of a picture on my computer and showed me how to clean up my desk top jobs. Apparently, I almost made her sick when she looked at the screen. I know. Heavy. But I will tell you this. Those 3 things have made a big difference to a dinosaur like me. A big thanks Ang.

On to this weeks' blog post. Miss A and Mr. Z. HOLY CUTE!!!! I had so much fun with these two AND Mom and Dad behind the scenes. Dad is really into photography so I took it upon myself to give him a tutorial. I talked their ears off. But I apologized.
Miss A is an incredibly articulate 4 year old. She loved the camera and was actually giving me pose ideas. Now that was a first and she really did have some great ideas!

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  1. Beautiful! You captured the sweet bond between these two cuties so well!