Monday, September 21, 2009


Hello to all!!
Where do I begin...oh yes. Housekeeping. Not much to report there other than holy cow - IT'S BUSY! I am thanking Mama Nature for an incredible weekend to get myself and my wonderful families through their portrait sessions. Six in total (only one to reschedule - that darn hockey - what is that anyway?!). The logical part of myself says to just write one liner blog entries to keep up with blogging throughout this busy time. But once I sit down at the keyboard I feel a huge sense of calm. Blogging about a family is like the last step of the process with hiring me to do photos. I am thrilled with how willing families are to be "blogged about".
This family kicked off my first marathon weekend of the season on Friday night. Let me tell you this. What an incredible way to start off. Dad was already outside when I pulled up - all smiles. And then the twins came out on the porch to greet me with rollers in their hair (yes - both of them). And then their mom. Gorgeous both inside and out. Oh and the dogs...there are two of them. Maddie and Molly.
What struck me most about this family was how warm they all were and kind. Incredibly kind. I took them on one of my wild location adventures (the kiddies actually thought we were on a Dora adventure - but with a crazy photographer lady instead). They were all so patient and cooperative (those who have been photographed by me know how location centric I am and fussy about background stuff). We spent two and a half hours together until we started to loose the sun and warmth of the day. It was well worth it for the kiddies as their hard work earned them not one but TWO kinder eggs (I scored them the second one).
Thanks to all of you for a wonderful experience. It truly is people like you that make me love what I do even more. Have I said lately how lucky I am to have such great clients?!

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