Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bacon and Cheddar Flavoured Crickets

Hello to everyone!
Right to the word. Editing. Outside of my family, sleeping, eating and grabbing the odd shower here and there - life consists of shooting and editing. I am over the moon at the response to my work over the last few months! I am two months shy of celebrating the inception of ONE FOR THE WALL photography. What a celebration that will be! Perhaps I will treat myself to some ketchup chips and a winter break. I have a website that needs to be launched and more photo editing courses to be taken in preparation for year two. I appreciate everyone's kind words (gush gush) and patience as I fly by the seat of my pants this first year. The opportunity so many of you have given me is humbling. I still have so much to learn, new skills to hone and more technical challenges. Beyond all of that really is about your little ones. The children I meet and connect with every week. The ones whom I freeze in time for you to look at year after year. Those EYELASHES (we all know how much I love those), the little noses and beautiful skin. Ok, ok....that's enough Hilary. Gorganzola anyone?

On to this week's post. BOYS. I do not have much experience with them. I have two little girls. The back of my car has atleast one pair of fancy flip flops in it at all times, a purse and some lipchap hidden away from Mommy. I might not be able to see it - but I can smell the fresh application girls!
So, when I arrived at this home I was...well...not sure what to do! In the first five minutes we had two of the boys washing their tongues from their coloured lolly pops and one giant Sprite explosion on a clean shirt. Hmmmm....this was going to be interesting. After some coaxing all the boys loaded up between Mom and I's vehicles. And we were off. Or so I thought we were. Nope. Mom stops the car and runs up to the house. Ooopps. Front door was left wide open. Ok - now we are off. Sorry Mom - that was too good not to share!
I have not ever posted a picture before my blog entry but this is the only way to give you all a sense of 3 boys in front of a camera. Enough said. These boys are incredibly bright and handsome young men. They were all troopers and endured 2 locations and a lot of mosquitoes in order to get my shots. We had so many laughs with the boys and of course their adorable pup. Thanks for your patience Mom!
Oh and the bacon and cheddar flavoured crickets? Forgot to mention that the boys were eating flavoured bugs when I got there. Real bugs. I politely declined the dried out cricket.

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