Friday, September 4, 2009

As sweet as chocolate!

Inspiration. That is all I can think about this week. I attended a babies and bellies seminar in Toronto a couple of days ago with my most favourite photographer friends (we got lost on the way there because someone was talking too much and didn't watch the cut off signs...hmmm...who might that have been?!) We went to hear Sandie Puc' (an extremely successful portrait photograpaher from the US) speak on photographing babies and bellies and marketing your photography. This is the first time I had attended something like this so I wasn't sure what to expect. I certainly knew I would come away equipped with some new information to apply to a baby or belly shoot but I certainly didn't expect to feel so uplifted and inspired. Sandie was funny, extremely knowledgeable but most importantly she was passionate about people and the business of photography. It was surreal to sit there amongst over 100 photographers from across Ontario and believe that I was there. A year ago this was all but a little itch to do something different with my life. There was no needing to pinch myself though as the second door prize of the night was drawn. Ah...Hilary...C A M I L L E R I. Oh crap! Oh no! I had to stand up in this big room in front of all of these people. Smile nicely at her, look down and claim your prize Hilary without embarassing yourself is all I could think. Thank heavens she didn't attempt my last name. THAT could have been really bad.
So, after a three hour ride home in one lane 401 traffic and one pit stop for gas and a bag of ketchup chips we arrived home at almost 2 am. I quickly checked my business e-mail (while polishing off the rest of the ketchup chips) and opened one up from a woman that lives in Los Angeles. She said started by saying that she had stumbled upon my blog a couple of months ago and enjoys reading it and looking at the photographs. She then went on to say, "You have inspired me to begin a blog of my own - I photograph as a hobby but it is quickly turning into a passion and I made a goal (like you) to learn something new every week...". She then had some questions about getting started and ended by saying that if she was ever in Ontario she would book me for a shoot. All I could think was...I am inspiring? I have inspired someone? Little old me? 35 year old technical dinosaur, stay at home mom in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada has inspired someone? I was humbled and flattered to say the least. But really that is how it starts isn't it? We see or hear something that inspires us and that is how we kick start our goals and dreams. And if that person happens to be little old me than I will accept it and embrace it. Of course - ever so excited - messaged her back with all kinds of information to help her on her way. I look forward to reading your blog and watching you grow your passion for photography!! And thanks for your e-mail. To be inspired is a powerful feeling.

On to this week's post. Newborn babies!! I have to say I find this type of shoot the trickiest of them all. But I am intrigued by the challenge to become a better newborn photographer. I was so pleased when the parents of this incredibly beautiful baby girl messaged me for a shoot. We spent a relaxing Saturday morning together in their beautiful home talking (of course) about babies, work, dogs and photography. They could not have been a nicer couple to be with and their little one was precious. When I was finishing her pictures all I could think of was chocolate in that brown finish. That she was just as sweet as pure chocolate. I look forward to watching her grow!


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  1. Oh I love, love, love your post(s) and these beautiful baby pics. I discovered you through facebook very recently while searching for other photographers to network and friend with. I also find myself very inspired by your photography & blogging... I hope to be half as good as you someday. I'm not able to do photography fulltime yet but hope and pray and dream!!! Would have so enjoyed being at the bellies and babes conference with you... maybe some day :-)
    Will certainly be back time and again.

    Cynthia Utterback
    Inspiring Designs Photography