Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ode to my own!

Hello to all!
Well, summer as my girls knew it is officially over with back to school. Routine is now a verb in our house. Off goes to television and up go those bed sheets. Chop chop!
It would likely surprise most people to know that I take less and less photos of our girls as the years go by. Mainly because I photograph other people's little ones for a career and it takes up all of my extra time outside our girls. I am actually kind of embarassed when people come over. I have two framed pictures on the floor in our bedroom...ready to go up. Intentions are there!
Last week I had a short shoot in Stratford so I thought the girls would enjoy a little day trip with me. Best of all I could do a little shoot of my own in front of some very cool doors on York Street. When I am out shooting I always want to return with my own girls for the neat backgrounds. I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity! And this opportunity was especially good due to the fact we were right in the bribe zone. A park across the street, York Street sandwiches steps away AND best of all...an ice cream parlour. And surprise! I bribe my own kiddies just as much as you (and I) bribe your own during shoots!!!! I was full of the lines..."you won't get your ice cream if you don't look in the camera"..."just do this for mommy"...."I hardly ask you for pictures anymore...PLEASE?!!". AND to my utter embarassment I looked up and there was a young gentleman watching us from the fire escape. Ugh - had he heard me sounding like a freak with my camera on these two innocent young things?!! Atleast they were my own. And so you have it...a little shoot with my own darlings on our last day of summer holidays together. They got their picnic in the park and their ice cream...and mommy got her shots. Now to get them hung....

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