Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's time to think...Christmas Greetings!

Greetings everyone!
It's once again quite late...and my lime flavoured nacho chips are gone. I am quite confident at this rate that I will be wearing the Santa suit this year quite comfortably. This late night blogging and eating thing is not good. I can see the t-shirt now..."Don't eat and blog". I will be the first to purchase.
As promised here are the offerings of Christmas cards for 2009. And behind everyone good photographer is an even better designer! Thanks so much to my photog pal and designer friend, Ang, for putting these fantastic cards together for me. We will need all orders in for Oct. 31st to ensure they arrive back in time for Christmas. If your shoots are scheduled after that date we will put a rush on them, however, the fewer we need to process the better. It's going to be one busy fall!!
I suddenly feel like I am working in a women's clothing store. Always one season ahead of what really is going on. What a bummer! I always dread seeing the Halloween candy go out after school goes back in and the Christmas decorations out before the candles in the pumpkin have been blown out. My favourite line to our girls is "Live in the moment". This being ahead of Christmas is really forcing me to think ahead. This could be a real challenge for the last minute Sally in me. Merry early Christmas! Ugh!

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