Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Miss P!

Hello to everyone!
Well, this marks the halfway point through the fall portrait season. I am so behind on my blog posts! I have so many sessions to share with you in the weeks to come. If I would only stop TALKING so much in my blog posts I might be able to get a few more posted in a week. I tell myself to keep it short but I sit down and remember my clients, our time together and laugh and smile. It all starts there.
Housekeeping. I wish I could say that I am learning something new every week but there just isn't time. Unless learning to tread water counts? I never imagined ONE FOR THE WALL photography would be so well received. I know I have said it numerous times but I am blown away by the kindness and willingness by my clientele to participate in making the images the best they can be. The couple on the post today is no exception.
Welcome Miss P! Oh how I am loving the babies and bellies shoots. They are a challenge and not as easy as they look! It can take up to 3 hours between feedings, diaper changes and rocking the baby to sleep (oh and me chatting). But the time and effort is well worth it. This gracious and gorgeous couple welcomed me into their home to capture the first few days of their new family together. It was one of those times when the "stay at home mommy and the small business mommy" worlds collided. No sitter for Kate are coming with me. She was good for the most part. A few snacks and some treehouse tv passed the time away for her. Kate was quite taken by the dog and did take a run at the cat but the cat was smart enough to hide.

It goes without saying that Miss P is a beautiful baby girl. A little tug at my heart as I looked over at Kate. She is four years old now. People told me as I held both of our little girls for the first time that they would grow up fast. You don't believe it at the time. The sleepless nights, dirty diapers, vomit and tantrums seem like they will never end. But they do. Miraculously when you open your sleep deprived eyes and look back all you remember is the cute diaper bum, the soft and chubby cheeks, the little voice that sounds like it's on helium permanently and the little arms around your did I get off on this sappy track?! Just wait until I post about my first summer assisting with Christine Kufske of CLICK photography! Those little girls grow up and get married....I am not ready to go there yet.

Congratulations M and S and thanks for a memorable morning together! Kate and I thank you!

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