Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Boys

Hello to everyone!
Does it ever feel good to be blogging again! I have so many fantastic families to post from the past 7 weeks. It's hard to sit on these images and stories!
Housekeeping...back to the spirit of learning something new each week! I spent the day with Christine of CLICK photography learning to edit in photoshop. I am really looking forward to blogging what I learned and some of the images we worked on. But that will have to wait! I wish I could rejoice in my new found skills but when I returned home I could not apply what I learned. After several distress signals sent over the blackberry and two phonecalls to Christine I have resigned myself once again to my weaknesses. Anything and everything technical. How hard can it be to build a storyboard for my little blog that could?! Apparently quite difficult. After spending all evening and now into the middle of the night...I have no board to display. Sigh. I am not giving up...just in for the night. I know I will eventually get it and we can all celebrate together!

Tonight's post! This shoot dates back to mid September when temps were still in the low twenties. This was an exceptionally beautiful fall day at the University of Guelph. I had a wonderful shoot with this incredibly kind and cooperative family. I think I have mentioned before how lucky I am to have such great clients. Sure I take the picture...but they make the image what it is. Thanks to all of you for making my job so much easier! Looking foward to our October date next year!

One other behind the scenes side note. Those of you that follow my blog know that I have been assisting at weddings this summer. Never did I image that a) I would be inspiring other photographers or b)ever be worthy of an assistant. But for this shoot I had an assistant! Shannon, a friend of mine, has recently taken up photography and came out with me for my day at the University of Guelph to observe and learn more about photographing families. We had a super day together and I want to thank Shannon for helping me out with the kiddies and the gear! You can find Shannon's work at Snapped by Shannon. Best wishes in your budding business!

And one more thing...!!! I am going to be running a contest. I have never done this before but when I saw the opportunity I jumped at it. Next blog post I will be announcing the details and the prize. So, until that time start thinking of someone you would like to thank. Everyone knows how much I like to credit and thank those who have helped me or inspired me in my photographic journey this past year. Now I am giving you the chance to thank someone in your life that has helped you achieve a goal. Start thinking and I will give you the dets next time....! Enjoy!

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