Friday, October 30, 2009

Big time laughs!

Hello to everyone! season has come to a screeching halt for a few days as I lay sick with the flu. I was so confident that I wouldn't get sick. More vitamins, more sleep, 100% job satisfaction and a pretty stress free life...but there is still no escape for me. I have always said my mind and ambition does not match the body I was born into. So for now I am able to do a blog post and reschedule some weekend shoots. I am bummed to say the least but determined to not be down for long! I have a season to finish!! And so many incredible families to blog about in the weeks to come.

Where do I start with this family? Kind, gracious, cooperative and FUN! This was another shoot from my University of Guelph day (thanks again Shannon for coming out to assist!) back in mid September. The weather was incredible and this family came with their photograph game face ON. This brother and sister team loves to laugh...don't ask what it is that really makes them laugh though. That might not be appropriate. But it works! I could not have enjoyed my time with this wonderful family more. Thanks for a super day - you made these images what they are.

Keep well everyone):

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