Thursday, October 22, 2009

More sister love!

Hello to everyone!
I am a blogging machine this week. I have had a few days to just edit and play at my computer. It's felt good to catch up in my office with orders, bookings and editing this week. I don't love being at my computer (as my growing behind will tell you) but it's a part of the photography gig. Sigh.
My little blog that could looks different today thanks to the MCP actions blog boards and my technical support team..Christine and Angela! Thanks ladies....I learned something new everyone! Time to crack open those chip bags! My goal over the winter is to take my editing skills up a notch and to find better ways of presenting the images for you to see. This is my start...
And...I have finally figured out how to add a link to my "fan" page on facebook! Feel free to join...I have really out done myself today.

More sisterly love! Photographing little girls is so much fun! Probably because it's close to my heart. I have known this family since Claire was a wee one in daycare as well. These young ladies are not only beautiful but incredibly articulate, fun and kind. We spent two hours together having fun with the camera. Mom and Dad could not have been any better to work with as well and it shows in the pictures. Thanks so much for a wonderful morning together and I am so happy you are enjoying your pictures girls!!!

DETS for the giveaway!!!
I am a proud member of Clickin Moms! It's an incredible forum for photographers of all skill levels to discuss everything from equipment to editing to posing. It's also a hot spot for vendors to showcase their designs, props, printing etc. as well. I have spent more time on their lately since I have been in my office and it is an incredible website for information and connection to other photographers.
Kendra, from Clickin Moms, has offered a one year membership giveaway (value $50). This is where my thanks and inspiration theme comes in. Just e-mail me ( a little note on who or what has inspired you to reach a goal and the thanks you would like to give. I will choose one winner and will award the membership at the end of November.
Contest closes November 29th and you must NOT already be a member of Clickin Moms. I will post the winning entry on my blog on November the 30th. Oh I am soooo excited!! So get typing!!

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  1. Thank you Hilary for such and enjoyable morning in Sept. The photo shoot was so much fun and we're all thrilled with the results.
    You are a talented photographer - it is great to see that you've found your passion!