Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Quite simply my heart felt thank you this week goes to my Dad.  I clearly remember his love for photography from a very early age. People often comment that we must have so many great pictures of us as kids - and yes there are some. But we have many more pictures of...mallard ducks. Yes ducks!! It was the mid 80's when my dad took some photography courses and ducks were very "in" (remember the decorating?).  I also remember my dad lending me his Nikon 35 mm camera for a field trip in grade 8 and taught me the basics of manual shooting with the little pin in the middle.  Oh it all seems so ancient now!  I am sure I gained a love, or perhaps to some an obsession, with taking pictures of people from watching my dad. 

This last weekend we had Easter dinner at my dad and stepmom's house and he had his camera out too - so I snapped a few pictures of him and said I had a project I was working on. When I told my dad I was going to start up a small photography business our conversations quickly turned to everything photography. Dad said, with a chuckle of course, he never thought we would have "these types of conversations". He was referring to all of the technical talk we were having. "Technical" has never been me.  I think he is secretly impressed at how I have figured all of this out.  Big smile. And as you can see Nikon has been in our line for a long time! 

I have posted pictures of one of his Nikon cameras from when we were little. He said the lense was dented when he fell with it during one of our camping trips (perhaps trying to take a picture of a duck?!).  The Ricoh camera was my grandpa Jacks' camera.  He too enjoyed taking pictures. And I choked up when I saw the 50 mm lense on his old camera. My favourite lense.

Thanks Dad for your interest and support...but most importantly for never letting me get too ahead of myself.  

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