Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rubberboots....a sure sign of spring!

I had the pleasure of photographing  Ethan and Emily at Waterloo park last week.  What fun we had puddle jumping and visiting "Thomas the Train"! Ethan and Emily were fantastic with the camera on them for almost two hours.  I am not sure who had more fun - them or me? 

Since having the girls - rubber boots have become my favourite thing to buy for them.  Green ones, pink ones, polka dots ones and flower ones...they all look sooooo cute!  Now that I am at home full-time I could not resist purchasing a pair of my own out of sheer necessity and fashion of course!  I can be seen in them most days - even when the sun is shining. Oh how life has changed. My knee high heeled boots have an inch of dust on them and my skin has not felt cotton or polyester in over 5 months now - how liberating!!

Enjoy the pictures this week.
ps- I loved your rubber boots Ethan and Emily!

Much love and appreciation,

PS- My heartfelt thank you this week goes to the owners and employees of The Essential Image; Daniel and Tony Tuka, Mike and Sarah.  I have been going to The Essential Image for a few years now and they have developed literally thousands of my snapshots (and I do mean thousands). They have also been telling me for equally as long that I could be a family and children's photographer! I thoroughly enjoy my time in their store chatting mostly about photography, photography equipment and printing - but we do have lots of laughs about plain old life.  I cannot tell you how important these guys have become in this journey (as they will be who I recommend for printing the photographs I take!). Their positive energy towards my work has been touching and it's working with people like this that make me love what I am doing even more.  I am really a nobody photographer at this point but they always make me feel like I am going to be a somebody photographer. Thanks and we'll see you guys this week! 

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