Sunday, December 6, 2009

Remember September?

Hello to everyone!
I will attempt to keep this short as it is way past my bedtime! I happened to be scrolling through some pictures on my computer this evening and came across this shoot from September (4 families left from September to blog and we are into October fams - hang tight!). What a stark difference from the shoot I did this morning under a sunny sky that shone on the freshly fallen snow of December! It took me back to this incredibly beautiful day in September when we met in the morning under grey skies and a light misty rain. We decided to try the shoot for later in the day and wow did we luck out! The rain dried and the sun came out and we spent two solid hours moving around locations with this beautiful (and very funny) family. Dad had a couple of shirts hanging in the car to choose from - this made me laugh. There had been some discussions that morning on what Dad should be wearing - I was to be the deciding factor. I always chuckle at the stories that come out from families at the end of shoots. Like the wrangling over what clothes to wear, shoes to put on and how the hair should be styled. Because I am behind the camera I do forget how stressful those hours leading up to a shoot can be with children. Please don't let them fall and scratch their faces!!!!! That would be the number one stress - outside of spilling chocolate milk all over their new GAP outfit ten minutes before the shoot (this didn't happen at this one though!).
However, the younger sister DID loose her tooth within hours of the shoot. Mom was hanging onto that one until we got the shoot wrapped up!
Thanks for an incredible two hours together. Your family is beautiful in to out! Happy memories when I look at these pictures.

No housekeeping this week...oh except for my "blog boards". Ugh. Somehow those got royally messed up. Still working on getting those restored. Oh the technical.....#$%@!@%@$@#$@#@!!!!!!

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