Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gift Certificates

Hello to everyone!!
YES I am still here...barely!! One of my wonderful clients just messaged me this..."I have this image of you in green leotards, a Santa hat and bells on your shoes working hard in the shop". This put a big smile on my face. It's been a crazy week with print and card orders going out. But this being my first Christmas with my little business I must say that I am very excited and touched that so many people will be receiving the images I created this year with my clients. This warms my heart. I know the look on my Mom's face last weekend when she opened a storyboard of her grandchildren. There is no better feeling.
And gift certificates!!! I must say I am surprised at how many of these have gone out so I thought that I should perhaps put them on the blog. Ang put together this cute and "swanky" little gift certificate (as another one of my new clients called them when she received it!) .
Don't hesitate to call 519-404-2672 or message me at if you would like more details. I know it's getting late BUT I just started and finished my Christmas shopping today so I know there are some late shoppers.

I will be blogging more shoots very soon. Happy Shopping!

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